Marinelli Stadium Dedication
June 19, 2007


Rod Marinelli

PANTHER FIELD is now surrounded by the ROD MARINELLI STADIUM. The stadium, dedicated in a ceremony on Panther Field held on Tuesday evening, June 19, 2007, has been renamed in honor of RHS '67 Classmate Rod Marinelli, former defensive coach for the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers and currently the head coach for the NFL's Detroit Lions. "Rod Marinelli Stadium" now appears above the scoreboard and there is a huge rock, with an inscribed bronze marker, located at the south end of the field.

In addition to remarks from a host of El Monte Unified School District officials and board members, gospel vocalist Robbie Britt and sisters Aretha & Alayna Scruggs performed during the dedication ceremony. Outgoing RHS Principal Diane Bladen shared the podium with former Denver Broncos defensive back Rulon Jones, who spoke fondly of Marinelli's focus, instruction, and preparation for the NFL while Rod was a coach at Utah State, and RHS '67 Classmate Gary Schram, who introduced his life-long best friend and presented recognition plaques to Coaches Don Porter and Jim Ellis. (Coach Pete Swanberg, although unable to attend due to illness, was also recognized.) Marinelli's RHS jersey, "72," was retired as a part of the dedication ceremony, the first ever for Panther alumni.

With characteristic humility and heartfelt gratitude, Marinelli thanked everyone in attendance for the special recognition. Honored, he shared an overview of his career with the audience and directed "Follow Your Dream" motivational remarks to the large number of RHS athletes and students present at the dedication. He thanked his wife, RHS '67 Classmate Barbara Torres Marinelli, their family & friends, dignitaries, and others as he concluded his remarks. Rod remained on the field and personally greeted everyone in attendance at the conclusion of the ceremony.

RHS '67 Classmates in attendance included: Gary Alba, Cheryl (Baurhenn) McDaniel, Mary Ellen (Ciccarelli) Roberts, Kevin Donnelly, Rosa (Faber) Schram, George Fairman, Mary (Field) Mayes, Don Gomez, Jaime (Hama) Tambara, John Jacobsen, Hedy (Kempenaar) Thomas, Rod Marinelli, Pam Martin, Roy Mayes, Brad Pettigrew, Dennis Poulin, Larry Ricci, Gary Schram, Becky Stoney Bautista, and Barbara (Torres) Marinelli.


Credit for the photos below: Pam Martin
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  Becky Stoney Bautista & Barbara Torres Marinelli




 The best of friends: Gary Schram introduces Rod Marinelli




 Coach Rod Marinelli inspires RHS athletes & guests



  Foreground: Coach Rod Marinelli & Alma Martin;
  Background: MaryEllen Ciccarelli




 Cheryl Baurhenn McDaniel and REALLY buff hunks!



 Coach Rod Marinelli and Pam Martin's daughter,
 Alma Martin



 Coach Rod Marinelli & Cheryl Baurhenn McDaniel



 "Marinelli Stadium" Scoreboard



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